Silver Prestige

Inpatient and Daycare

US$ 200,000 overall annual limit
US$ 100,000 accident hospitalisation limit
US0,000 illness hospitalisation limit
Accidents, emergencies, intensive care and theatre costs
Hospital accommodation in private ward
Nursing fees, medical expenses and ancillary charges
Surgeons’, consultants’, anaesthetists’, and medical practitioners’ fees
Prescribed medicines and drugs
Reconstructive surgery following an accident or  surgery for an eligible medical condition
Internal prostheses
MRI and CT scans
Admissions to ICU and Critical Care Wards
Pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures
Radiology, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Oncology tests, drugs and consultation fees
Accidental damage to eyes
Accidental damage to natural teeth
Up to US$ 1,500 psychiatric treatment cover
Parent hospital accommodation for children under 8 years of age
Chronic illness


Up to USmodule,700 annual maternity cover
Antenatal visits
Up to US$ 300 cover for normal deliveries
Up to US$ 1,100 cover Caesarean Section delivery
Up to US0 cover for new borns


US$ 1,200 overall annual limit
Primary consultations and treatment - including medical practioners' fees, prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings
X-rays, pathology, diagnostic tests and procedures
Prescribed medicines, drugs and dressings
Specialialists' and consultants' fees
Radiology, radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Oncology tests, drugs and consultation fees
MRI and CT scans
Outpatient surgical operations
Antenatal treatments and examinations
Post hospitalisation treatment


Up to US$ 300 Overall annual cover
All prescribed lenses excluding contact lenses

Dental treatment

Up to US$ 300 annual cover
Consultation, simple extractions, difficult extractions, fillings (temporary, permanent, amalgam, composite GIC - WHAT DOES GIC MEAN?),  &
Scaling and polishing
Gum surgery
Root canal treatment
Minor oral surgery


Latest News

  • 22.08.11

    AAR Kenya Staff joined other Kenyans in the fight against hunger by participating in the Kenyans for Kenya initiative. The Staff donated a lorry- full of high energy foodstuffs that was given to the Kenya Red Cross Society representative at a handing over ceremony that was held on 18th August, 2011 at George Williamson House.

  • 15.08.11

    On August 14, 2011, AAR Uganda’s Bugolobi Clinic staff organized a Medical Camp at Tuskys Supermarket, Kintintale where they carried out free BMI, Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Tests. There was also a Nutritionist who gave important nutrition tips to those who visited the tent. The turn out was overwhelming.

  • 11.08.11

    In order to expand our services, Our clinic at Manyala Building is moving to a new location. Effective 1st August 2011, we will be located at Lulu Centre, Machakos Street, Off Moi Avenue.

    Inconviniwences are highly regretted.


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