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  • 18.07.14

    AAR   Bweyogerere was the host of   the ‘Health Centre Manager (HCM) day’ for the month of June.)The event on June 12,2014 brought together HCMs from all  AAR Uganda health centres .AAR Bweyogerere HCM  DR Stephen Lugolobi  took  fellow HCMs through the  different clinic  processes from  the reception, booking revenue,pharmacy,lab , branding, management  to clinic  CSR programmes  like Trees for health programme. The Team also visited one of the AAR Bweyogerere Trees for health beneficiary school Hassan Tourabi. The School shares a birth year with AAR. The Headmistress was overwhelmed when she learnt that AAR also started in 1984.

    The HCMs also took time off to serve food to the AAR Bweyogerere staff during lunch. This is in line with our human touch culture of being ‘as human as you’. The HCM day is a quality management tool which uses benchmarking to identify, share and discuss work based best practices.The next HCM day will be in July at AAR Makerere hill clinic.

    AAR Bweyogerere HCM also unveiled officially  its  Paed room.

  • 28.06.14

    We were saddened by a defamatory newspaper story that erroneously mentioned us. The story was carried on the front page and continued on page 29 of the June 28, 2014 newspaper.

    AAR would like to put to rest any confusion surrounding today’s Red pepper story titled| ‘AAR boss in sex scandal’

    The said individual mentioned in the story has never been employed, known to AAR Uganda or any of our sister companies in East Africa.

    We would like to make it clear that AAR Uganda with its headquarters on Plot 16a, Elizabeth Avenue Kololo has no affiliation whatsoever with the individual mentioned in the story.

    AAR has for the past 30 years stood as a strong family brand and will remain as such for the years to come. AAR is not about to compromise on the strong family values it believes in.

    For more information regarding our services, please visit our website, Facebook page or other social media sites. You can also contact us on 0414 560 900.



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  • 05.06.14

    AAR held a medical camp at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on May 20, 2014.AAR Health Care was represented by the AAR emergency and Acacia staff.


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